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Childhood Cancer is Ruff Campaign

Style that brings a Smile for Childhood Cancer

Spokes Pup for LNL Foundation

I am Sebashtian Rock Hannon. I am an Emotional Service Pup. Mom got me because she knew I would help support my brother mentally. He had developed conversion disorder which is a mental disorder brought on by trauma due to my sister's health declining from Lupus and other health issues.

Our emotional service dog Sebashtian is leading the way as our Spokes Pup for the campaign. He will lead other Pups to fight for Childhood Cancer. Sebashtian is pictured with the children wearing Lounge N Lax functional wear.

Sebashtian is representing LNL Foundation. He has his own Lounge N Lax functional hat.

Childhood Cancer is RUFF items can be purchased on

Childhood Cancer is RUFF: Merch for the Entire Family including the dog

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