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About Us

LNL Foundation is a non profit organization derived from the clothing line Lounge N Lax functional wear, which was invented by Karen Hannon. Lounge N Lax has an exclusive clothing line for children with cancer and other serious illnesses which camouflages baldness, regulates the body temperature, and benefits the child's stay at the hospital.

Our mission is to raise awareness of childhood cancer and offer a sense of normalcy for children and the families affected with this serious illness.

As a child, Karen experienced the self esteem issues of her paralyzed father who didn't like to be seen by the public because of the life changes due to his paralysis, caused by an accident. He didn't feel a sense of normalcy. As an adult, she changed his wardrobe and saw his self esteem rise again. Many years later, he passed away from cancer. It was a hard pill for her to swallow and watch her Dad succumb to cancer, thus became her vision for helping and raising the self esteem of seriously ill children and her advocacy of childhood cancer.

Karen has focused to use her life experiences to make the vision of the LNL Foundation a reality. It is the goal of Lounge N Lax Foundation to make life easier and shine a ray of light for the children and their families that are impacted with childhood cancer.

We would welcome your assistance in our mission to change the lives of children with cancer and their families one by one.

We are based in Portage, IN

Karen Hannon

(219) 331-4771

Portage, IN

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